Cyrex Tests For Gluten Related Disorders


I have put an awful lot of info and links to the lab factsheets and sample reports on each test page on the shop for you, so do please read those here. I've put some FAQ on the Cyrex tests sepcifically for you here but the most up to date version will always be on the shop Cyrex, Gluten and Autoimmune Tests Overview page here, towards the bottom.


Here is the main FAQ on having tests done.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: If I have one Cyrex test done, can I have another one done on the same blood sample?


A: Yes, you can. They freeze your blood sample for 90 days so you can order another test without having to do another blood test. This is most commonly done, for example, if you have done Cyrex 3, found a problem and then want to test the cross-reactive foods with Cyrex 4 and/or the predictive autoimmune antibodies Cyrex 5. We just ask them on the same sample. I wish all the labs would do this!


Q: Can I do the Cyrex tests if I am off gluten?


A: It depends. If you have been off it for less than a couple of weeks, you can still test reliably. The advice is: if you have been off it for fewer than 10 days  and you were eating it regularly before, wait 25 days after your last ingestion and then do Cyrex 1 or 3.


If you have been off it for more than a few months or even years, doing the test can actually show you if you are still producing antibodies and therefore if you diet is good enough to heal. If you find something, it means you are likely still consuming some gluten hidden somewhere or a cross-reactive food. That is crucial knowledge for healing.



Q: Can I do the Cross-Reactive Foods test if I am off some of the foods?


A: Yes, this is the same as above. For antibody tests, you need to be eating the food or have done recently. Follow the same guidelines if you wish to reintroduce a food to test.


Q: Can I continue or go back onto the foods safely if the antibody tests are negative? 


A: For gluten, you need more tests to know whether that is safe. The most common reaction is an antibody one but there is a possibility that you have a different mechanism. If all antibodies for gluten are negative, that's a great sign, but do an elimination diet check and the gluten gene test as a double check before you introduce it.


For the cross-reactive foods, you may not yet be as far as producing an antibody, so I advise an elimination diet as a double-check to be certain. 


Q: Can children do Cyrex tests?


A: Yes, it is fine for under 16s. For small children, the lab says: "No restriction on age. If they are old enough to be eating gluten, they can be tested. The difficulty is generally taking the blood." 


Q: I have got saliva and blood vials in my test kit. Is that right?


A: Yes, there is one test kit for all the tests so just use the one you need and discard the other, or keep it for later in case you need a blood test further on.


Q: I have gone wrong with my saliva test as I ate something before it. Can I rinse it out?


A: No, you need a new vial. Please contact me or Regenerus direct to request one. 


Q: Will I need follow-up tests?


A: The best way of finding out your progress is to repeat your test so you know you are on the right diet, protocol and path to heal. 


Q: Is there any logic to sequential testing with the Arrays? Do the results of one test provide direction for the other tests?


A: Yes. There are logical sequences to testing. Ideally we recommend ordering Arrays 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Another option is to start with Arrays 2 and 3 and depending on your results, add Array 4 and 5 if necessary.  The lab will freeze your blood and you can order additional test(s) within 90 days.

Q: Are there any medications, foods, conditions, or other factors that could interfere with the results of a Cyrex test?


A: Yes. While Cyrex is unable to provide an exhaustive answer to this question due to the interactive complexities and varieties of medications and patient circumstances, the following has been noted:

  • Immunosuppressant and corticosteroid drugs can reduce antibody production and cause false negative results. Inhalers specifically can affect the results of Cyrex’s oral fluid testing (Array 1). Wait two weeks after completion of inhalant dosages before collecting the specimen. If you are on steroid treatment, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't have the Cyrex tests, but you need to bear in mind that any scores might be lower than they would be without the steroids so that could mean they look OK or low level when they are not. If in doubt, talk with your health professional and/or Cyrex for advice.
  • Limited assessments on the effects of aspirin, acetaminophen, and antipsychotics on Arrays 1-4 have been performed. No noticeable effects were observed.
  • Unknown cross-reactive epitopes from foods and microorganisms may stimulate the antibody production in the absence of a true antigen. Cyrex has already developed Array 4 in order to recognize the most common antigens in this regard.
  • A gluten-free diet can cause false negative results on gluten protein/peptide tests.
  • Certain conditions, such as ileal pouch surgery, may cause a false positive celiac serology.


Q: How soon after finishing steroids can a patient do Cyrex testing?


A: 60 days. It takes this period of time for the medication to clear the system and allow the normalized production of antibodies, required for immune testing, to resume.

Q: What is the difference between the Lactulose/Mannitol test and Cyrex’s Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen™ (Array 2)?


A: The Lactulose/Mannitol test is an assessment of nutrient absorption. It looks for the passive absorption of micromolecules (mannitol) and relative permeability to lactulose. For the test to be effective, intestinal dysregulation must be present. Cyrex’s Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen™ assesses gut barrier damage by measuring antibodies to barrier proteins. It can therefore detect barrier damage long before there is dysregulation in absorptive function. This makes Cyrex’s Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen™ preferential for early detection and preventative care.

Q: How long does it take to see reductions in the antibodies to the lipopolysaccharides, actomyosin, or occludin/zonulin after the gut barrier is restored?


A: Antibody levels decrease on a curve and not in a line. Based on patient populations, initial significant decreases—after no exposure—can be seen in two weeks for IgA, four weeks for IgM, and six weeks for IgG. Lower levels can remain longer after this initial reduction. IgG can be found in some patients up to one year after exposure.

Q: If someone recently had an infectious gastroenteritis, would this temporarily cause a leaky gut and give a positive result to the Array 2?


A: In a person with infectious gastroenteritis, you may detect leaky gut. It is recommended to wait at least four weeks after completion of treatment before ordering Array 2.












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