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Sometimes you just want to cut through the proverbial and see what top stuff you need to do to keep well. You can get so caught up in the ‘this is good for you, that’s not’ stuff, it can leave you reeling.


And what happens if you’ve been poorly and had treatment of some kind? Often people are left dangling with no clue what to do to maintain their health. 


Well, that’s what this report is for. After over 25 years in natural medicine, these are my top ‘takeaways’, if you like. Follow them and they will pay dividends. For life. 


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In this 30 page download, you will find:



Top 10 Wellbeing Tips    


These ten crucial health factors formed the basis of the Back to Health schemes I used to teach. From detox to diet, loneliness to laughter, get these sorted and you will live a longer, healthier life. Includes my product-specific wellbeing supplement protocol too.


Follow The Right Diet


Specifically, the top nutrition tips I've learned that work. Why you shouldn't be scared of fat, which proteins to choose and what to do if your belly is growing too big!              


The Wellbeing Diet Daily Menu    


How to put it all into practice, this will start you off. Simples. 


Health Essentials    


A really important bonus: which four health factors should you really focus on especially if you have any chronic health problems? Specific help on adrenals, gut, liver and absorption.    


I have linked to lots of other places on the website and elsewhere to show you where to get more info on each subject.



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In that, I include a run-down of the blog posts I've done in the month, so that could be interesting research I've seen, an offer I've found, a recipe or something funny I thought you might like. Basically, anything I think might be useful, interesting and motivational for you.


You can unsubscribe at any time of course - although goodness knows why you would want to ;). Seriously, it's there to help you as long as you need it and when you are brimming with life and you don't need me any more, that's fine.


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