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I am always being asked what I recommend, whether it's supplements, kitchen gadgets, water filters or whatever. So, for your delight, here's my pick of the best suppliers and lifestyle products around, and some of yours, thank you!


First, you will see my fave suppliers and products, then below my top picks from Amazon, Natural Collection and the Ethical Superstore. Bobby's shop also stocks some good stuff.



Champion Juicer

The Champion is the ONLY juicer I recommend. It is built for life, is easy to clean and comes in lovely colours to match your kitchen! A masticating juicer, it extracts loads more juice from your fruit and veg and retains up to 5 times the amount of nutrients compared to a centrifugal juicer. It is often on offer, but is generally around £300.

Light Box

For light products, choose from light boxes for SAD, Dawn Simulator Clocks to help you get up on those dark mornings, and Daylight Bulbs for everyday use. Please don’t use flourescent lights, get the alternative tubes instead. No more headaches and fatigue...Prices start from £2.95 for bulbs. For light boxes, you can claim the VAT back. Read, too, my info sheet on SAD and light therapy.

Shower Filter

Shower in lovely chlorine-free water by using a dechlorinating shower head. Many people have itchy, flaky, dry skin and it is often the result of the chlorine and chemicals in the water they bathe or shower in. Try this; a great improvement! (Or look at whole house filter systems from Prosep below which filters your water as it comes into the house).

Prosep Water Filters, 01422 377367

Excellent company for great value water filters, much cheaper than the rest and an ethical company – they helped me out with cancer patients when I worked for the Nutritional Cancer Therapy Trust. You can buy Reverse Osmosis water filters and whole house dechlorinators here.


A Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is plumbed in easily under your kitchen sink. Simply the most efficient way to filter all nasties out of your water and saves a fortune on filter cartridges and bottled water. Look at domestic filters, specifically the F-RO-4 filter which is the one I have.


Whole House Filters I prefer not to bathe, shower or wash my clothes in chlorinated water, thanks. Here’s your answer. Surprisingly cheap and your skin will be much less dry.


I also have a Portable RO filter called a ZIP from OsmioWater. It's really useful if you need a countertop filter rather than a plumbed in one, and I use mine for travel too. Ask me if you want one, I can probably get a discount if I order it for you.

Allergy Products

Where do you get things like Gloves in a Bottle for eczema, window screens for pollen, air filters, histamine enzymes etc etc? There are loads of places but one I particularly rate is Allergy Best Buys. They are ethical, knowledgeable (see their newsletters), good value and very helpful with queries. I have recommended them for years. 



Kitchen Gadgets

Thermomix Picture Thermomix Super Mixer

Thermomix Multi Processor


I honestly think this is the best gadget in my kitchen. It is a super-fast chopper, grinder, mincer, mixer, blender, processor, weighing scale and cooker all in one! It is also delicate enough to whip cream, make the smoothest sauces in seconds and beat perfect meringues. You can also use it to steam veg and fish and you can choose a temperature of exactly 37 degrees to melt chocolate or keep your food 'raw'.


It's not cheap but it is built for life and is the real workhorse of the kitchen. All the best chefs use it, so of course I had to have one! It has a real dedicated, almost cult, following.


Get more info on the Thermomix site. You can get someone to come and demo it for you, then buy it only if you want to. 

My Other Kitchen and Lifestyle Faves...

Here are my other hot picks from Amazon. Hover over or click on the products to get my comments..

Household Eco Products, Linen, Clothes, Toiletries and Gifts

Sometimes you just want a one-stop shop where you know everything is ethically sourced, effective and good for the planet. Well, here's one. We used to use Natural Collection for some of the products in the dispensary and have always found them good.


Try their organic bedding and fashion, non-toxic toiletries, eco-lifestyle stuff and fab gifts. Have fun!

Ethical Superstore is a great one-stop shop for eco stuff. I use it mainly to buy my Bio-D washing liquid, Ecover 'bleach' and bulk Faith in Nature shampoo and shower gels, which comes in enormous sizes and are much cheaper in the long run!


You can easily spend a happy couple of hours browsing through their whole range of foods, household, gifts, kitchen stuff, candles and even fashion. Great site. Free delivery over £50 in the UK and there are usually offers on. 


If you need advice on exercise and an easy plan, get my ebook 10 Minute Exercises.


The best ever DVD, in my opinion, is Elle Macpherson’s The Body Workout - see below. Been going for years and still tops the charts. Anything dancy I love.


Or simply walk and do some weights. Otherwise, yoga, meditation and pilates DVDs are good, but I prefer classes for these so you can check you’re doing it right.


Use the fat burning programmes on your gym machines too, much slower but so effective.

Pet Food

Nature's Menu Pet Food

Your pet food has got to be Nature’s Menu. It has 75% meat content with a few bits of cereal and that’s it. Other, even posh and expensive, pet food only has around 5-10% meat content. No contest.


Another one recommended to me by a patient is Natural Instinct raw cat and dog food. 


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