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In this section, you will find where to get the best stuff from, my top product picks, a free list of chemicals to avoid, a reminder why you should care about what's going onto your skin and 10% discount codes for you to use!


You can get many non-toxic toiletry ranges via Natural Dispensary, including: Weleda, Nelsons, Green People, Lavera, Tom's of Maine, Higher Nature, Faith in Nature and many more.


Natural Dispensary is my number one supplier choice for supplements and remedies but you can also get many of your toiletries at the same time, which makes life a lot easier. They are a practitioner service and therefore stock many of the more advanced practitioner-level ranges you won't find elsewhere. As practitioners, if we need it for you, they will get it.


If you are getting your supplements via them, you could easily get your toiletries too.


Free delivery over £25. They can get stuff not on the site often so worth emailing, adding a note to your order or calling to ask - there are thousands of choices and not everything is on the site. They are happy to call you back.


To order, go to Natural Dispensary or call 01453 757792 and give them my name Micki Rose.


For more unusual ranges like Borlind, Aloe Dent, Logona and Natracare, try Nutricentre.


Nutricentre is above the famous Hale Clinic for alternative and complementary medicine in the UK. They stock zillions of supplements, toiletries and books


Free delivery over £25. They are owned by Tesco and you can now get Tesco Clubcard points.

Top Picks...

These are my favourite products - all of them are non-toxic, as close to 100% organic as you can get, are effective, smell gorgeous and are excellent value for money.


I've tried to keep it simple and you'll see I have recommended Weleda and Green People quite a lot. That's because they are inexpensive, ethical and work! For luxury, try Annemarie Borlind, the leading natural skincare range in Europe but little known here yet, is fab.


Or, I also like Materia Aromatica, who do wonderfully pure concoctions that smell divine. They also do very good essential oils. I used to like NHR oils actually, but their labelling started to concern me. Hopefully, they've sorted it now. 


You can get most of these from either Natural Dispensary or Nutricentre above. 


Quick List


  • For babies and breastfeeding Mums, try Weleda Calendula range.
  • For men, try Green People's Men's range.
  • For suncare, use Green People's sun range.
  • For skin, hair and body care, use Weleda or AnneMarie Borlind ranges.
  • For anti-ageing/firming creams, use Weleda's Wild Rose or Pomegranate ranges or Borlind Regeneration range.
  • For bath and shower products plus soaps, Faith in Nature is great and Borlind smell divine.
  • For very sensitive allergic skin, try Weleda Almond, Borlind ZZ Sensitive or, for very sensitive and no smell, use Green People Organic Base range (add a little extra olive, sunflower or calendula oil if it is not nourishing enough).
  • For hands, use Weleda Sea Buckthorn cream.
  • For feet, try Weleda Peppermint Foot Balm.
  • For cellulite, use a Skinbrush and the Weleda Birch range
  • For spotty skin, use Weleda Aknedoron or Borlind Purifying Care.
  • For oral health, use the Aloe Dent range or Weleda for children.
  • For make-up, I love BareMinerals, Borlind and Lavera.
  • For hair colours, Logona offers the only truly non-toxic range of powders and creams.
  • For medical creams eg urticaria, eczema, healing, use Nelsons or Weleda.
  • For feminine hygiene, use Natracare organic cotton products.
  • For deodorants, use Green People roll-on, Weleda or Borlind sprays or Tom's of Maine stick.
  • For healing skin, scars and stretchmarks, Higher Nature triple aloe gel is the purest around. Mix with carrot oil and a few drops of frankincense essential oil.

Why should you care about what's in your skin stuff?

Part of my job as a naturopathic type of practitioner is to help people lower their daily toxic intake. We live in a kind of chemical soup nowadays and it's a question of 'how much' you take in rather than 'if' you do. We can't do a fat lot about air pollution and other issues, but we can control what we put on our bodies and in our homes.


Why should you care? The simple fact is that no-one really understands yet the complex relationship between the various chemicals once mingling inside our bodies. It's OK for manufacturers to reassure us that 'there's only a little bit of this' and 'a little bit of that' and tests at those levels look fine, but what about the combination and the cumulative load?


Many of the skin, hair and body care items available to us are toxic, containing some quite worrying chemicals.


We already know that certain everyday chemicals are linked to cancers and a myriad other health issues, so why take the risk when there are now loads of different non-toxic, effective, gorgeous products to choose from?


At Purehealth, we encourage patients and everyone to swap normal everyday items as they run out to non-toxic, organic versions. This is not as easy as it sounds, as there are very few ranges that are truly non-toxic. Many have pretty pictures of plants on the label and natural sounding names; some will even have some quite useful natural extracts in them. However, most of them are spoilt by the inclusion of preservatives such as parabens, TEA, mineral oil etc to name and shame just a few - and other much more toxic compounds.


But it doesn't have to be that way and people are normally shocked when I explain the problem. Whether you want suncare for the kids, a non toxic face cream for you, an aluminium-free deodorant or a lavish shower gel, they are all now easily available. If you know where to look - and that's where this site comes in...


First, download your free Toxic Toiletries Factsheet below to get a list of chemicals you should try to avoid. As you run out of any item that contains it, swap it to one of the products I recommend here. 

Toxic Toiletries Factsheet
Toiletries Chemicals To Avoid List.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [330.9 KB]

There is also a more detailed factsheet Non-Toxic House and Home and another on Detoxification, both of which will give you tons of information about toxicity, detoxing, the chemicals and alternatives for you and your home. You can find both of those - on me - at the shop here.


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