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Looking for good, practical health advice can be quite confusing. So, here I have set out a suggested way forward for you through my site and resources. 


If you have a specific condition and want to read up about it, check the A-Z.


If you are feeling TATT (tired all the time), have some gut issues like wind and bloating, need to lose a bit of weight, especially on your tummy, and generally feel you need an MOT. Or, you want a foundational sort-out kind of approach, do the Gut Plan and the Belly Fat Plan (I must change that name; it's not just for weight loss!). This was the approach we gave 90% of patients in-clinic, no matter what they came in with. It sorts out most of the core issues.


If you have a chronic illness or a complex condition, especially one of the syndromes like ME, chronic fatigue, multiple intolerance (to foods, chemicals etc), fibromyalgia, anxiety disorders, you need the TrulyGlutenFree Gluten Plan (in fact, not just about gluten, what am I like?!) and the Healing Plan


There are other specific plans like the Adrenal Plan, Candida Plan and tons of other free and paid-for ebooks, but those two approaches are the most applicable to most people. 


I hope it helps!



In more depth, I've found most people need to do broadly the same things to get significantly well. After that, then you can see and deal with anything still remaining much more easily.

The key steps mainly include: 

if a person is not healing with normal interventions as above:

  • identify and heal/offset any major allergen illnesses (like gluten related disorders, which affect a huge number of un-knowing people), lower inflammation, heal the body barriers such as leaky gut, leaky brain etc and address autoimmune issues (Gluten Plan)
  • deal with any 'blocks' to healing such as past or recent trauma/stressors, conditioned responses, learned beliefs and deeply established brain patterns, reverse central sensitivity syndrome in hypersensitivity disorders and chronic pain illness (Healing Plan and see the trauma-triggered illness factsheet here, again HUGE numbers of people don't think this applies to them - and I was one! -, but it does.) 
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