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"In a random check, WEN found preservatives suspected of mimicking the female hormone, oestrogen, in 57% of products - this is especially worrying for women when lifetime increased exposure to oestrogen is linked to a heightened risk of breast cancer.

Eek! That's shocking, isn't it?! More from WEN and their Getting Lippy report later on..


One of the most consistent things I have wittered on about during all my years in natural medicine is the sheer number of chemicals we stick willy nilly on our skin everyday, even from supposedly 'natural' toiletries. That's why I also became a judge for the FreeFrom Skincare Awards in the early days of it being set up. 


It is getting better, thank goodness, with many companies at least trying hard to limit the toxic nature and boost the botanical benefit of their products, which is lovely to see.


But, I recently spent many hours trying to find suitably non-toxic toiletries to recommend for you and it was still really hard work, much more than it should be - and if I find it hard and know what to look for, how must you be gettingon?!


If you then add in a need for trulyglutenfree (grain, corn, dairy etc free) toiletries, it gets doubly (triple-y, is that even a word?) difficult. 


People think that you don't ingest gluten or other allergens through your skin, but I beg to differ from personal and clinical experience. It is the single most common (innocent) 'mistake' made by people when I find they are still ingesting something that is causing symptoms. My go-to question is always: 'what are you putting on your skin?' It won't affect everyone, of course, but it affects enough people for me to want to do something about it. 


So, I have found some ranges and products for you to try.


Check here for the new section on the shop where you can get them. I thank you. 





See below for more on my non-toxic signature facials - I used to do them years ago and I missed them so have restarted! P says it is any excuse to play with towels and pretty things; he may be right...)


If you can't wait, book one here.

Why should you care about what's in your skin stuff?

Part of my job as a naturopathic type of practitioner is to help people lower their daily toxic intake. We live in a kind of chemical soup nowadays and it's a question of 'how much' you take in rather than 'if' you do. We can't do a fat lot about air pollution and other issues, but we can control what we put on our bodies and in our homes.


Why should you care? The simple fact is that no-one really understands yet the complex relationship between the various chemicals once mingling inside our bodies. It's OK for manufacturers to reassure us that 'there's only a little bit of this' and 'a little bit of that' and tests at those levels look fine, but what about the combination and the cumulative load?


Many of the skin, hair and body care items available to us are toxic, containing some quite worrying chemicals.


We already know that certain everyday chemicals are linked to cancers and a myriad other health issues, so why take the risk when there are now loads of different non-toxic, effective, gorgeous products to choose from?


At Purehealth, we encourage patients and everyone to swap normal everyday items as they run out to non-toxic, organic versions. This is not as easy as it sounds, as there are very few ranges that are truly non-toxic. Many have pretty pictures of plants on the label and natural sounding names; some will even have some quite useful natural extracts in them. However, most of them are spoilt by the inclusion of preservatives such as parabens, TEA, mineral oil etc to name and shame just a few - and other much more toxic compounds.


And, if you don't believe me or want to know more, check out the Getting Lippy report from Women's Environmental Network (WEN) from 2015. Here's a little - shocking - taster for you:


"In a random check, WEN found preservatives suspected of mimicking the female hormone, oestrogen, in 57% of products - this is especially worrying for women when lifetime increased exposure to oestrogen is linked to a heightened risk of breast cancer.


Price doesn’t protect you - comparisons of expensive and cheap products show that both may contain risky synthetic chemicals – and the vast majority have the same basic formulations as were used decades ago...


Claims that a product is ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ are often as empty as a used shampoo bottle."


But it doesn't have to be that way and people are normally shocked when I explain the problem. Whether you want suncare for the kids, a non toxic face cream for you, an aluminium-free deodorant or a lavish shower gel, they are all now easily available. If you know where to look - and that's where this site comes in...

Download your free Toxic House & Home Factsheet here to get a list of chemicals you should try to avoid and alternative non-toxic toiletries and household products for you and your family.


As you run out of any item that contains it, swap it to one of the products I recommend and you can find links and my tips for various products on the Pure Beauty section of the shop here


And, if you are one of those who love a facial and a bit of pampering - check me out: I've restarted doing the Healing Facials I did years ago! Why? Simply because I love doing them and, again, it offers a non-toxic alternative. And by the sea. What more could you want?!


I hope it helps.

Healing Facials- COMING SOON!!

Having a healing facial is simply one of the most calming and nourishing experiences both you and your skin can have. 


All products used are organic and contain no toxic chemicals or key allergens (so are TGF safe -grain and dairy free), offering an alternative to the highly chemical versions normally on offer in salons. 


My signature healing facial includes a full facial, chest, neck and shoulder deep tissue massage and stretches, acupressure, myofascial release, hot flannels, treatment mask, deep relaxation session, finishing with a scalp massage and reiki. Pure bliss.


If you live in the South West or if you are visiting the Looe area, come and treat yourself! Book here.

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