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I have spent many years as a naturopathic medical nutritionist working with people on the functional side of what may have gone wrong with them. Is it their adrenals, methylation status, a parasite, an allergy, a nutrient deficiency?  And on the search usually goes.


This works for many, many people, but what happens when someone has what I call an ‘unresolving chronic illness’ that just isn’t responding to normal mainstream or alternative treatment?


And what if those people can’t tolerate the foods, meds or supplements to help and have ‘avoided’ so many foods (and possibly chemicals and even life!) that they are now left with an extremely restricted diet, a joyless life, a skinny backside and are still not getting better?


That’s what happened to me. I had to find another way to heal myself with ‘non-ingestive’ methods – ‘nil by mouth’, as I call it.


I started researching all the different ways I might be able to stop this chronic illness getting any worse and maybe even reverse it. It was a massive learning curve and one where I had to suspend disbelief quite a lot, but it worked. Ultimately, I now eat most foods safely, have got rid of a lot of pain and chronic fattigue, restless legs and more besides.


People kept asking me what I did, and I found it really hard to explain. So, being a writer, I wrote it down.


First, as a blog 'Healing Series' to document what I was doing. You can read that here on the Mind-Body Medicine blog, where I post lots of stuff as I see it - it evolves constantly, so sign up for email updates.


Then, the Healing Series - and much more - turned into the Healing Plan (see below), which guides you through the five main steps I took to get better. It was really tough to write, not only because it is so personal, but also because it is such a subjective and instinctive 'journey', but I did ultimately - after much wrangling - get it into some order that made sense. The beta readers agreed too - lump in throat time at their comments below...


Essentially, it has all influenced the way I practice and advise people now. My approach to illness, and chronic, unresolving ones especially, is to use a blend of functional, naturopathic and mind-body techniques to get people well.


For chronic illness, the approach now is to combine my TrulyGlutenFree approach with this Healing approach so we are coming at it from both functional medicine and mind-body medicine angles. I discuss this a lot more specifically in the Healing Plan so you know what to be doing when. 



What do you mean by Mind-Body techniques?


We're not talking woo-woo here. This is scientifically-proven stuff with a shed-load of research behind it. Mind-body techniques might include meditation, hypnotherapy, CBT, brain-retraining, knowledge therapy and many more. They are aimed at


  • calming the amygdala and hypersensitive system down
  • building new neural pathways in the brain and weakening the old, unhelpful ones (much like a stroke victim who has to recover the use of a limb, you can create new 'healing' brain pathways)
  • identifying and releasing the emotional and trauma side of illness, which is huge, trust me and
  • re-setting old conscious and unconscious beliefs.


I tried 47 different techniques over the 3 years it took me to get well and now choose the ones I know work best!


People generally pay lip service to the 'stress' involved in illness - I did and I know A LOT about it. We all do. But it can have a massive impact on the immune system and inflammatory nature of our bodies. If you don't believe me, read this for a start.


But following a consistent, regular, targeted programme is what's required in many cases to unpick an unresolving illness - and that's what I had to do. It's not as easy as thinking positively and doing a bit of relaxation meditation; it's a complex job that takes time and dedication BUT you have something to do and you no longer feel like a victim. Best of all, you start seeing improvements and you wonder: 'how the heck...?!'


Anyway, my best advice if have an illness that isn't responding to normal mainstream or alternative approaches - and especially if you have one of the illnesses below - is to consider this different approach. I wish I had done it years before! It took me a LOT of suffering before I clocked it. Dur..


You can read more about the Healing Plan below - and my genuine hope is that it will help you too. To be honest, I’ll eat my hat if it doesn’t – although I can’t yet eat hats!


STOP PRESS: New introductory article published here too for you:

Mind-Body Medicine For Multiple Sensitivity – Micki Rose


I have written this 195 page Healing Plan ebook for you if you have one of what I think of as the ‘hypersensitivity’ illnesses, or a chronic illness of any kind that isn't getting better using the normal interventions, especially:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple sensitivity to foods, chemicals, life!
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Chronic pain especially head pain, muscular and PMS or
  • Stress and trauma-triggered illness (childhood often triggers physical 'syndrome' or pain illnesses late 30s/40s, or adult stress just before illness started)



This book outlines the five key steps I took to turn my health around. It was a massive learning curve and one where I had to suspend disbelief quite a lot, but it worked. You can see the blog post here where I started to get foods back in after being on fewer than 20 for over two years:

Chocolate, Wine, Nuts, Eggs Back In..Is This Really True?

I have also recovered my energy levels, got rid of things like restless legs, chronic pain and - the best bit - I feel 'normal' again (well, as normal as a 50 year old gets..). And I know that's what you want; it shouldn't be too much to ask, should it?!


Comments from my pre-launch readers, bless them (and I didn't pay or sit on them, honest!):

"there is an incredible amount of knowledge and fantastically helpful information in this book. I really think this is a whopper of a piece of writing..."

"This will be a massive eye-opener for a lot of people...."

"Another masterpiece!"

"Feels like you are there holding my hand so not such a lonely experience...."

"I bet lots of people will cry reading this..."

"I think the book is brilliant, love the lay out and style, flow and writing. Well done you!"

"I think this is a tremendous health plan that seeks to educate people about the emotional and psychological components of chronic ill health. It teaches the link between the physical and mental and will really help those people who firmly believe this does not apply to them! Just making the effort to purchase and read the Healing Plan will be a big step forward in someone’s healing and recovery."

"..you have done masses of research and so will save people lots of time not having to do it themselves. They also have the benefit of you having tried and tested various methods. Well done!"

"There is so much information and links for further exploration. It’s an absolutely terrific one-stop shop directory for anyone who is battling with chronic ill health..."

"Your writing is very easy to read and the spacing etc all help make it easier too."

"This book is truly exceptional. You should be incredibly proud."


"It really is phenomenal. I nearly wrote I felt it was better than the Gluten Plan but then changed my mind as that would be very unjust as I think the GP is fantastic too! But the HP is unique and very comprehensive in addressing a particularly difficult and sensitive topic."



  • Welcome & Housekeeping 
  • Introduction 
  • What the Heck is Going On? 
  • Step 1: Calm It All Down and Enter A Healing State 
  • Step 2: Use Neuroplasticity Techniques To Change Your Brain 
  • Step 3: Support, Reveal & Deal With the Emotional Side of Illness 
  • Step 4: Reintegrate: Rejoining The World, But Who Are You Now? 
  • Step 5: Investigate & Treat Whatever’s Left 
  • Getting Support 
  • Appendix


You can purchase the book here.

The book is absolutely full of links to resources for you. I calculated I tried 47 different techniques over the two years it took me to do this. I've done all the trialling for you so you'll know what to use now and, importantly, how best to use it - I try and explain really clearly how I applied each recommended technique for best effect as we go along - so it should take you a lot less time than it did me! I so wish someone else had done this when I needed it!

As a purchaser, you are eligible to join a special, private Facebook Group to chat with me and others in the same boat. I will post any significant updates there for you too and you can always download the most recent PDF version there. 

This ebook version is a PDF which you can read on screen or using most e-readers like Kindle, Nook etc. PDF form is the most popular because it makes it easier to follow all the links to tests, products and resources.Here's how to get your PDF onto your Kindle.


If you prefer, I've made an A4 size paperback. It looks huge, but I made it this size as a lot of people buying the paperback either had vision problems and needed non-screen, or they wanted to make notes in it. You can purchase the Print on Demand version here. Note there are a lot of links in the ebook, which obviously you won't be able to follow in the printed version BUT you can join the Facebook group as above and access the most up to date digital version for links.



Do you think it might help you? I hope so. I've put a Preview here for you so you can have a bit of a read. I hope you like it. If so, get the full book, read it through, scoff, pooh-pooh, marvel, wonder and accept (!), then come and chat with us in the special closed Facebook group (details in the book). You are not alone with it any more and we WILL get well :)

Download your Preview here.

Mind-Body Medicine Website

This is such a huge topic and I am discovering new things, research and tips all the time. So, I have set up a separate website and blog for you at mind-bodymedicine.co.uk, much like I did with the TrulyGlutenFree one when it got so massive ;).

Sign up there with your email address to get all new blog posts and news. 


Mind-Body Medicine Resources

I've also created links to many of the books, downloads, meditations and even people I found helpful during my healing 'journey' here so it's all in one place for you.


Therapy Support

This is an important healing approach and you should be working through it with your chosen health professional.

We are here if you need us. Check the Support page here where you will find members of the Purehealth team – including Julie, the clinical hypnotherapist and all-round sorter-outer who helped me and is now on the team to help you!

We can work with you wherever you are via Skype, phone or email. I don't tend to take 1:1 cases on now as I'd never get anything else done, like these Plans, but I am great at guiding you on email etc. Julie does all the mind-body therapy work for us and she is flamin' good - she had to be to get me well!

Peer Group Support

It's a well-known fact - and discussed in the Healing Plan - that group support OF THE RIGHT KIND can be really helpful in getting you well. So, I have set up a Facebook group for Healing Planners - by request from people who needed to hear the right words and responses when they chat about progress and not get waylaid by stuff they hear on other forums. You will find details in the book of how to join.

Other than that, catch me on Live Chat, FB message me or send me an email at micki@purehealthclinic.co.uk and I will try my best to guide you. 

Meantime, I wish you oodles of luck x

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