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Despite all the emphasis on cancer, the plain truth is that far more people have and die of heart disease than the Big C. Sometimes, I think heart disease has got lost in all the cancer furore, but it most certainly has not gone away.


Heart Disease is preventable and we offer a comprehensive prevention programme as well as help for problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  There is a full factsheet on cholesterol here so take a look. And another on high blood pressure here.


Heart disease is most often a consequence of diet and lifestyle and we encourage patients to eat the right diet, lower stress, take more exercise and protect themselves with the right supplements.


We consider less well-known factors such as high homocysteine and high oxidative stress, which many experts now believe are far more significant than high cholesterol. We can test for this and also offer a full cardiovascular risk assessment test which can give you a real insight into your likely risk of developing heart disease in later life. It's a fact that about 50% of heart attack sufferers show normal levels of the traditional markers tested such as cholesterol, and this type of test looks at those but also the far less traditional ones too. It's not cheap, but it a marvellous opportunity to prevent heart disease if you can.


See the Genova leaflet below for more info on metabolic and cardiac tests available.


Heart disease can be prevented with the right diet and lifestyle. We also use substances such as beta sitosterol, bromelain and flavonoids as part of our protection protocol.


Essentially, we treat all circulatory type problems in a similar fashion. This includes angina, stroke, atherosclerosis, claudication. Essentially, what we must do is support the whole circulatory system, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and homocysteine, increase methylation, discourage the formation of clots, improve the health of the artery walls and reduce damage by free radicals to the artery walls.


For those who have already experienced heart disease, angina or stroke, certain herbs such as hawthorn and substances like bromelain can make a real difference. We are always happy to work with or alongside your GP and consultants if you would like our help.


Other less life-threatening circulatory problems can also be helped. These include varicose veins, piles, restless legs, phlebitis, cellulite, fatty deposits, raynauds syndrome, cold hands and feet, chilblains, lymphatic congestion and sluggishness.


For varicose veins and piles, it is essential to ensure the digestive system is working effectively and there is no constipation. For these and other problems like cellulite and lymphatic congestion, we may encourage you to use specific oils, creams and gels, have regular massage and stimulate better lymphatic and blood flow by dry skinbrushing and using hydrotherapy techniques daily.


For conditions such as raynauds, restless legs and chilblains, they are often linked to deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals and we will add these into your supplement programme to help.


Check out the individual factsheets as they become available or contact me for help.

Genova Cardiac and Metabolic Tests Leaflet
This gives info about homocysteine, cardiac, oxidative stress and other tests available.
Genova Leaflet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [656.7 KB]


Remember - always check out with your health practitioner or GP before starting anything new especially if you are taking any other medicines, are pregnant or trying to conceive or have high blood pressure. See here for more advice on interactions with meds and general cautions.



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