Should You Be A Raw Foodie?

The jury's out on this one, but generally I don't recommend it.


Some people swear by it, and I think it can be great for a short-term health boost, but longer-term I'm not sure it's all that healthy for you. Some veg, for example, is better nutrient-wise when cooked and some people in my experience don't have the digestive ability to cope with all that raw food.


I think most of us could definitely benefit from more raw food - all that extra fibre from unprocessed goodies like nuts, seeds, fruit and veg for a start. But I would say coupling that with better choices of cooked food too is the wisest decision, unless being a raw foodie really happens to suit you.


I recently read a great article about this in The Ecologist magazine so it might be worth taking a look at that. It includes some links to some raw food sites too.


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