Coeliac Disease and Gluten Related Disorders

Our knowledge of gluten illness – now officially termed ‘gluten-related disorders’ – has come an awful long way in the past few years. We now know that gluten illness is a spectrum of disorders rather than all about coeliac disease. You can have 4 main types:

Gluten Classical IgE Allergy (rare but does occur)

Gluten Malabsorption (lack of enzymes to break it down, although I don’t think that occurs without a larger gluten problem personally; it’s a clue).

Coeliac Disease (the autoimmune attack on the villi in the gut) and..

Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (every bit as serious as Coeliac Disease, an inflammatory and sometimes autoimmune attack anywhere in the body).

This makes testing for gluten related disorders somewhat complex. In essence, mainstream medicine is very slow at changing and 99% of health professionals still think about and look only for coeliac disease markers. To get an official diagnosis on your health records, it is likely that you need to go through the mainstream coeliac testing process so it’s best to start with that.

However, the vast majority of gluten-sensitives do not have coeliac disease, and even 50% of coeliac disease sufferers do not have the traditionally-accepted markers. That’s why the rate of diagnosis for coeliac disease is so woefully low, and much, much worse for the newly-recognised Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity since most people have never heard of it.

Given a negative coeliac result, most people are told they don’t have a problem with gluten and off they go, completely unaware that the problem is with the testing, not them. They merrily continue to eat a food which, inside, is causing inflammatory and auto-immune attacks.

Coeliacs are not healing on the traditional gluten free diet

It is, in fact, well known that the vast majority of coeliacs do not heal their villi - and therefore continue to suffer the consequences of long-term malabsorption. Most 'experts' say it is because they must be still eating gluten. Whilst that may be so in some cases, there are simply too many with continued illness and symptoms for that always to be so. My view is that they are probably reacting to other types of grain gluten (or indeed other fractions of the food) or to known gluten-cross-reactive foods. And most aren't even aware of that issue, let alone their doctors.

NCGS can be more severe

The other issue is that there are far more people suffering with the other forms of gluten related disorder, especially NCGS (non-coeliac gluten sensitivity) and, in fact, NCGS can be every bit as severe as coeliac disease and worse in many cases. NCGSs are known to be more sensitive to gluten, to react more strongly to it and to react to much smaller amounts. They also tend to be more reactive to other grains, not just the gliadin involved in coeliac disease, but especially the ubiquitous corn which literally turns up in everything.

NCGSs have a different gene profile to coeliacs quite often and are not even being looked for. This is a big mistake because we know now that NCGS pathology involves two main pathways: inflammation in the body and autoimmunity, both of which stem initially from the damage done by a gluten-zonulin process to the body barriers, causing leaky gut, blood-brain barrier, lungs, skin etc. The most common NCGS issues are neurological, especially chronic headaches, migraine, mood disorders, brain fog and movement disorders eg. ataxia, restless legs etc. Not a coeliac picture that, is it?!

I could witter on for hours for you on this subject as I have researched it now for the past 4 years extensively. I am an NCGS sufferer myself and wrote the Barrier Plan to help other sufferers almost 3 years ago now. This has now become the Gluten Plan you will find below.

If you still wish to read up a bit more on this whole subject of gluten related disorders, go and visit my special site on it at TrulyGlutenFree. Loads more info and help there for you.

Gluten Testing


There is a really detailed section on testing for gluten related disorders in the Gluten Plan below.


To start you off, though, you can see the 'simplified' version here.


The Gluten Plan

This is a fully revised update and amalgamation (May 2014) of the Barrier Plan and TrulyGlutenFree ebooks, taking account of everything we have learned clinically over the last few years.

This 280 page book offers you a detailed, fully-researched, product-specific 3 step programme for any gluten related disorder.

Those 3 steps include:


1. Finding Your Type of Gluten Related Disorder (so you know what to do).

2. Determining Your Diet (because a gluten free diet is not enough for most to heal).

3. Establishing Your Healing Protocol (what damage and processes are going on so you can target treatment properly?)

You can read much more about what's in the book and how it has evolved from the TrulyGlutenFree ebook and Barrier Plan in the Q&A blog post I did here.


Then, download the Sample below to see the whole contents list and a big chunk of the introduction, followed by random pages and sections to give you a flavour of the Plan. (Note: I did have a live preview here, being clever, but it took ages to load so i've done a quick PDF download instead for you :))


First, here are a couple of comments from people who read it pre-release to check it out for me (I was nervous, lump in throat time and these were totally unsolicited; I only asked for errors and feedback!)...

Gluten Plan Pre-Release Reviews

"Blimey.  Your Gluten Plan is absolutely bloody brilliant!!   Can’t tell you how many light bulbs have gone off whilst reading it.  Having this information all in one place has given me a lovely feeling of peace and security; that actually yes I will get to the bottom of everything and achieve a level of wellbeing where my physical, psychological and emotional health learn to connect in a positive way.  Yay to epigenetics! 


The information in the Gluten Plan ties everything together so well and it’s great having links to further information, products and tests – it makes it a lot easier to access information quickly. 


It’s a perfect package and will appeal to people who need only light guidance right through to those who have lots of health issues and have to delve tissue-deep into their symptoms (that’ll be moi then!).  Don’t be nervous about releasing your baby into the big wide world coz he’s beautiful!!! PW April 14


Have finished reading it today and totally amazed at the wonder of you, I do so hope you get the recognition you deserve because you truly deserve it infinity percent!


I love your writing style Micki and think you have achieved a great 'easy to read' guide full of stacks of information, you have got the balance right to appeal to 'beginners' in the field and also to those further ahead. I love the quotes and inserts and the way you give people choices depending on their circumstances.  I also like the references to more reading (only if you want to because it's not important you do that after reading yours) and the recipe book links etc.  I can honestly say this is a very 'simplified' reference book giving very complex information...brilliant and thank you for doing it for us! KC May 14



I really think this book and plan are the result of not only your expertise, but of your generosity too! You have rendered a subject that is unfathomable at times, very accessible to anyone wanting to take their health into their own hands and avoid future illness. You've collated enormous amounts of cutting edge info and neatly and concisely (as far as is possible!) made it easy to understand and follow. Instead of just telling us what to do, you are teaching us! And on a very human level.


I'd say that you need to point out that it is more than just a plan, but a book with a LOT of bang-up-to-date information in it! Because you really have poured all your research into this. I was quite gobsmacked as to the depth of info you have gone into and the information you have researched, collated and clearly set-out - and THEN 'given' in this plan! What you have done is major. Be in no doubt.

As someone who has trusted in you and bought a plan off you, a stranger, on the internet- in all honesty!- you're weighing up the money to risk-factor - and I don't know that I'd have paid much more than £65! [The Barrier Plan previous price]. That sounds AWFUL! I NOW realise it's worth and must say that I'd probably pay more knowing that from the beginning... but how can potential clients know how GREAT you are?! You need to attract a clientele who is aware of your worth, is what I am saying!" I took her at her word and posted her whole advice comment! BB May 14


I am pleased to say that I have received more reviews anc omments on the Gluten Plan since these, and I have put them on their own special page for you to peruse here: Gluten Plan Reviews.

Gluten Plan Sample
Read the 38 page sample here to see the full contents list, part of the introduction and then random pages and sections to give yourself a feel for what's in it.
Gluten Plan Preview PDF.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.5 MB]

"So this TrulyGlutenFree life style was validated by an all healthy colon!!! Yippy no diverticulitis, no polyps all ok.. Thank you MIcki for your research & wisdom!!! Milestone of recovery, 28 months on your TGF programme." BA May 14

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Contact me with any questions if you need to. Otherwise, I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did researching and writing it for you! And I truly hope it helps you find a path back to a vibrant, energetic, symptom-free you.


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