The Gut Plan

If your aim is to find out what's causing your acid reflux, constipation, mushy and frequent bowel movements, wind and/or bloating and then stop it, great: you are in the right place.


This will also act as a foundation step for most illnesses - we used it as a sort-of Body MOT no matter what people came in to the clinic with. It sorts most common issues out and then you can see if anything is left and what to do more clearly.


I hope it helps.

Here, you will find a brief introduction to gut, bowel and digestive problems. Then, you can download the easy-to-follow 66 page DIY Gut Plan to start sorting yourself out.


If you prefer, you can order an A5 printed version here that I've made for you on Lulu. If you want a PDF for all the links too, just email me your Lulu receipt and I'll send it to you free of charge cos I'm nice like that :)


The Gut Plan is based on clinical practice over the past decade specialising in gut and digestion problems. This is what works for the vast majority and is now available to you as a step by step programme to do at home.


Why DIY? This is simply because I am really busy with stuff and I know you need the help, but also because it really is quite simple to do yourself once you know how. I find myself saying the same things over and over so now I’ve written it all down for you. Think of all the clinic costs you're saving!




Bowel health is the number one key to good health as far as a naturopathic nutritionist is concerned - and we spend a lot of time talking about bums and bowel movements!


The bowel is the main route for toxin elimination and is where many minerals, water and other substances are absorbed. It also plays a very important role in immunity.


Lots of things can go wrong with digestion and bowel health. Some of them are relatively simple to deal with, and others a lot more complex.


Is It IBS?

Diarrhoea/mushy stools, constipation, wind and bloating are often what people term ‘IBS’ but, in reality, IBS is often used as an umbrella term for ‘my gut’s not happy’.


Real IBS, which is much more rare than you think, is a very specific condition with a psychological element affecting the gut. Sufferers often have chronic diarrhoea and/or constipation which are worse when they are stressed. Therefore, both the biochemical and psychological aspects of any case must be taken into account for true lasting success.

In this Plan, I will use the colloquial term IBS to describe the unhappy gut. Many sufferers never see their GP and just put up with symptoms, which is a shame. That said, it is still probably the most common gut disorder seen in general practice. If nothing else is found and there are indicators such as bloating, pain with frequent bowel movements and a relief of pain when you do pass a stool, then it is normally thought of as IBS.

The Natural Approach

Over the years, I have seen many people with a diagnosis of ‘IBS' or myriad digestive symptoms which turned out to be caused by one of the factors below.

Food intolerance is the leading cause I've found, followed by lack of proper digestion and candida overgrowth.  For constipation, wheat intolerance and thyroid issues come up a lot.

You should work with your GP/health professional to rule out acute problems such as bacterial infection (say, picked up on holiday), inflammatory bowel disease (eg Crohn’s and colitis) and coeliac disease (a clue is constantly low iron levels and/or feeling tired all the time). We are going to cover these later if need be, so skip to the last section of the Plan to find more info on each of these subjects and links to tests if you need to.

Whatever, you do, if your problem is chronic, you should take steps to eliminate it rather than continue to suffer.

The Gut Plan

Here you can get your mitts on the Gut Plan and get started on sorting your bowel and digestion problems out. Totally unique, this is based on over a decade of dealing with these gut issues day in, day out. I will eat my hat if it doesn't help!

The Gut Plan - 66 Pages of Product-Specific, Detailed Advice

The Gut Plan is the result of everything I've learned over the many years in natural medicine where I have tended to specialise in bowel and gut issues from bloating, malabsorption, acid reflux and wind all the way through (pun intended!) to true IBS, inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn's and colitis and auto-immune ones like coeliac disease and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (which no-one's ever heard of but is more prevalent than coeliac disease, these latter are best helped with the Gluten Plan which is a lot more complex).


To sort most gut problems out, you need three main steps:


  1. You need to ensure you are digesting well enough by producing enough stomach acid and pancreatic enzymes.
  2. You need to remove the major irritants and allergens. I have yet to find a person who did not get at least some relief by removing wheat and dairy, for example, if only for a holiday to calm the gut down.
  3. You need to complete a proper gut healing programme to get the gut environment right again and support the liver as the gut heals.


That's what this Plan gives you. 


Click on the image or here to go straight to the shop and get an instant download.


If you prefer, you can order an A5 printed version here that I've made for you on Lulu. If you want a PDF for all the links too, just email me your Lulu receipt and I'll send it to you free of charge.


Welcome and Housekeeping                                    


Introduction: Is It IBS?                                                 


The Three Step Gut Plan                                           


Step 1: Sort Your Digestion Out                                     

Step 2: Remove The Common Allergens                         

Step 3: Do the Detox Box                                             


Detox Box Protocol                                                      

Symptom Support        


After The Plan    


Did It Work?      


What Else Could Be Wrong?    


Did It Work (Mark 2!)?


Gut Plan Maintenance     


Getting Support & Resources                                     

The Top Ten Gut Goals


By doing this Gut Plan, you will be able to:


  • Identify and sort out any stomach acid, pancreatic enzyme and malabsorption problems.
  • Rule in or out coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity.


  • Remove the most common allergens, wheat and dairy, from your diet to help calm the gut, give it a chance to heal and identify any intolerance to them.


  • Identify any other food intolerances by elimination and challenge and/or the correct testing methods.


  • Complete an effective herbal bowel cleanse, a biochemical liver detox and re-balancing of bowel flora.


  • Lower any symptoms.


  • See if stress is a factor, and start steps to reduce it if it is.


  • Learn how to massage your abdomen.


  • Consider and address any deeper or additional factors that may be affecting your body’s ability to heal or be at the heart of your gut problems. This is the 'What Else Could Be Wrong?' section


  • Get all the resources, tests and supplements you need to achieve it.


Tell Me More...

In essence, the Gut Plan takes usually 6-12 weeks to complete although most people feel a difference from a couple of days, or certainly weeks, in. The Detox Box Protocol is a product-specific programme I have used in-clinic for years and it rarely lets me down. You don't normally get any detox issues with it because of the specific phase 2 liver support included. There is a gentle programme and a full programme so you can progress at your own speed if you need to. Everyone starts with the gentle one as a two week lead-in.


Bonus Info Included In The Gut Plan

I have included lots of other info so that you really do have everything you need in one package.


Here's what else is included:

Detox Guidelines

Stomach Acid and Enzyme Guide

How to Do A Food Challenge 

Allergy-Free Diet Plan & Tips

Ingredients Guide

Gut Plan Maintenance Protocol


Check out the Support page here for how to chat with me and others going through the same stuff. 



Ok, hope that all helps.


I wish you loads of luck, flat stomachs, no acid and normal bowel movements!!





Remember - always check out with your health practitioner or GP before starting anything new especially if you are taking any other medicines, are pregnant or trying to conceive or have high blood pressure. See here for more advice on interactions with meds and general cautions.

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