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Otherwise, here is a bit of background on the way we approach health..




I am a naturopath specialising in nutritional medicine, but I am also trained as a remedial massage & manipulation specialist, aromatherapy masseur, allergy therapist using an energy technique and I've even done some reiki.


It's a naturopath's job, really, to act like the GP of the alternative health world and help direct people to the most appropriate therapies for them. That's how we set the clinic up originally.


I am convinced more and more that most chronic health problems need a multi-pronged approach. Most people try one or maybe two therapies in isolation and hope that will solve their problem, and it might well, but if an issue is resisting your efforts or only getting so far, my advice is to look at the other main areas of healing if you can.


I have found over 25 years in this business that the best results come from a combination of these therapy areas (and I do know these labels are arbitrary; there is so much cross-over!):


Body Therapy


Nutritional Therapy, Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy


This is the biochemics, if you like, of the body. What's gone wrong, how can we identify it and put it back into balance? I recently wrote a blog post This Is How Functional Medicine Works which you might find a useful, if technical read. It details three chronic cases and how they were approached using a functional medicine approach.


Structural Therapy


Good Remedial massage, Osteopathy (including Cranial), Chiropractic, PSOAS release


We hold a huge amount of stress and illness in the physical body. Releasing that has, I've found, enabled people to make huge strides, if you'll pardon the pun! As an ex-remedial massage specialist, I saw this all the time. 


Mind, Emotional and Spiritual Therapy


Clinical hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, CBT, Emotional release techniques like EFT/EMDR/WHEE, Trauma therapy when necessary (more often than you'd think!), Relaxation Massage (especially Aromatherapy), Meditation, Neuroplasticity & Brain Re-training techniques.


Never underestimate this one. I don't mean spiritual in the sense of religion at all, by the way; I mean connecting with others and finding how you feel in the world. You'll get what that means when you do some ;).

A lesson I have learned over the years, not least from my own case, is that seemingly intractable physical cases can have a real emotional, mental or spiritual element to them. It won't shift if you don't identify and address it. I suffered for years because this took me a long time to accept and admit, oops! 


Energy Medicine


Reiki, Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy


We are electrical beings and it stands to reason that our elecriical energy system can be a bit out sometimes, especially given the amount of stuff we now have to handle in the environment. 


I have found with many cases that balancing energy in the body helps people who are stuck. One Reiki treatment cured me of migraines for years; I kid you not. Others have had acupuncture or reiki in-between other treatments which have then helped them react less or heal faster. P used to practiice Bowen. People think of it mainy for joint and muscle pain, but it is a fantastic balancer generally. Nice and non-invasive too. Try it.




Walking, Free Weights, Dancing, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi


Whatever floats your boat, do some; it has enormous benefits not just to the physical body but to the mind and emotions too. 


There are tons of different types but these are the ones I have found help most people and are the easiest to do. You don't need expensive gym memberships or equipment, maybe just some shoes, a nice day, a radio or a DVD to follow.


Don't underestimate the Qi Gong, Yoga or Tai Chi - they are extremely calming but also great stretching and strength/core training. 

How do you find a practitioner then?

I am asked all the time who I might recommend for this or that therapy so I thought I would start this section to help direct you.


I am setting up a kind of Virtual Team of practitioners I know or have come across so I have somewhere to point you. I'm also supposed to be helping to create a new therapy directory for our friends at, again, so we can point you in the right direction. Both will take time to evolve so watch this space!


So, you can now book therapy appointments with my virtual team here - this is new and will remain very small - I only pick good people who have skills I think we need and then have to persuade them to join us!


If you're a practitioner and want to join us, get in touch. 


Also, I've included some general registers you might find helpful below. Bear in mind, though, that just because people are on these registers, doesn't make 'em good practitioners. It does mean they meet certain criteria, which is great and necessary but I went through quite a few registered therapists myself before I found good ones..and I know what I'm lookng for! Just sayin'. Anyway, that's why I'm trying the new virtual team approach.

General Therapy Registers

There are quite a few places you can go to find several different types of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) practitioners. 


One of the newest is the CNHC, the Complementary and Natural Healtcare Council, one of the leading natural health regulators in the UK.


They cover: Alexander Technique teachingAromatherapyBowen Therapy;Craniosacral TherapyHealingHypnotherapyMassage TherapyMicrosystems Acupuncture;NaturopathyNutritional TherapyReflexologyReikiShiatsuSports TherapyYoga Therapy


Use their register to find practitioners near you. CNHC Postcode Search


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