I am a natural health consultant with over 25 years in natural medicine.

I am a natural health consultant and health writer based in the UK. As the founder of Purehealth Clinic, my aim here is to give you options.


Whether you want to improve your health in some way, prevent ill health in the future or simply learn how to maintain a healthy life, you should find a way to do it here.


I have seen thousands of patients over two decades involved in natural medicine. Thankfully, more often than not I can help. But don’t take my word for it; have a look at some of the lovely comments from people.


Nowadays, I spend most of my time facilitating lab tests, researching and writing resources for you and offering Support, all of which you can access via the shop.


I also maintain this website, two blogs, a Pinterest board, two Twitter accounts and three Facebook groups. Blimey, no wonder I'm busy!


On a personal health note, I suffered food 'intolerance' for many years causing IBS, mouth pain, migraine, chronic fatigue, restless legs, adrenal and hormonal dysfunction and chronic muscle pain to name the main ones! I was latterly left with very few foods and sensitivity to the world in general. Nice.


My 'journey' as a practitioner has been led by the need to find answers for my own conditions and I now specialise in gluten related disorders (coeliac and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, NCGS), trauma-triggered illness, hypersensitivity disorders and unresolving chronic illness.


Thankfully, I am now free from most of those conditions and at least know how to continue to manage and work on the remaining bits! 


Essentially, my approach nowadays is to combine the functional nutritional medicine I've practised for over 20 years with cognitive, brain retraining and subconscious techniques to get to the root cause of illnesses not responding to normal treatment and change it.


I did it - and so can you! 

The Purehealth Philosophy

Sometimes it's useful to know how a person works and the angle they are coming from, so here I share my 'philosophy' if you like. This is what I think of as 'good' medicine..


Holistic, Integrative, Person-Centred Medicine (HIP!) (I'm working on that!)

  • All types of medicine are valid and respected for what they can bring to the table. From conventional meds, diagnostics and surgery to physical therapies (massage, physio, osteopathy etc), energetic therapies (Bowen, acupuncture, reiki, homeopathy), cognitive and behavioural/belief therapies (CBT, counselling, psychotherapy, hypno, neuroplasticity brain retraining etc), emotional health therapies (hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR, WHEE, trauma therapy, art therapy, sound therapy, journalling), spiritual therapy (deepening connections, community support, meditation etc), biochemical medicine (nutritional therapy, functional medicine, cellular medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine, herbal medicine), exercise (walking, yoga, Qi Gong etc), social and cultural elements and much more besides – those are just the ones that came to mind. The point is knowing about them and when to use them.

  • Open-minded about approaches, but critical at the same time, not just accepting anything – due diligence and all that.

  • Preventative medicine is hugely important – get it right early and prevent the need for deeper treatment. This includes pre-conceptual care and childhood emotional health.

  • Supportive therapy is paramount. The body knows how to heal, we just have to identify and remove obstacles to it and do what we can to remind it how. Everything is designed to get that body into a healing state and help encourage it along. 

  • Get the basics right. You are what your digest, absorb and eliminate first and foremost. The key body systems need to be supported to take the pressure off the body and give it energy to heal. The point is not to give it too much stress and even more to do.

  • Emotional health is a big part of therapy. There is too much research – and evidence clinically now – that past and present emotional stress is a major cause of (very real) physical symptoms and conditions and prevents the body from healing.

  • The patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process. It’s a (hopefully!) beneficial, respectful and mutually-supportive relationship. Self-enquiry, self-development and debate is a good thing! No one person or therapy has all the answers; collaboration and synergy make us stronger.

People can get too complex about illness with all the info, tests and 'experts' now assailing us from every angle. Sometimes that is more than necessary, but, over my time in this field, I have concluded that most people need to do broadly similar things to get significantly better. After this, you can generally see the wood for the trees; anything left is easier to see and treat.  

That's why I started my plans and test service. 

The key steps mainly include: 

if a person is not healing with normal interventions as above:

  • identify and heal/offset any major allergen illnesses (like gluten related disorders, which affect a huge number of un-knowing people), lower inflammation, heal the body barriers such as leaky gut, leaky brain etc and address autoimmune issues (Gluten Plan)
  • deal with any 'blocks' to healing such as past or recent trauma/stressors, conditioned responses, learned beliefs and deeply established brain patterns, reverse central sensitivity syndrome in hypersensitivity disorders and chronic pain illness (Healing Plan and see the trauma-triggered illness factsheet here, again HUGE numbers of people don't think this applies to them (and I was one!), but it does.) 

My aim is really to stop illnesses becoming complex such as autoimmune, hyper-sensitive to stuff, chronic fatigue etc, and also to ward off the growing epidemics of anxiety disorders, diabetes and heart disease. 

I run these websites:

Purehealth Clinic - the main info and clinic website


The Micki Rose blog - news, views, research, articles, tips. Anything I think might be useful for you.


TrulyGlutenFree - my specialist site: the UK resource site for gluten and grain sensitivity


Mind-Body Medicine - my specialist site: using mind-body medicine for unresolving chronic illness, based on my own journey.


The Purehealth Shop, where you can access hundreds of lab tests and all my free and paid-for health guides.

I chatter in these places...

Purehealth Facebook Page

Purehealth Facebook Group 

Twitter @PureHClinic


TrulyGlutenFree Facebook Page

TrulyGlutenFree facebook Group

Twitter: @TrulyGlutenFree


Pinterest Recipe and Useful Article Boards


And I run two specialist closed Facebook groups for people doing the Gluten Plan and Healing Plan - details of how to join are in the books.

I am an agony aunt, writer, judge and reviewer for...

FoodsMatter.com - I am a regular contributor/writer for this 'family' of websites, the main resource for allergy, intolerance and sensitivity in the UK

...and I've been an editor of two charity magazines, taught tons of health programmes for the NHS and privately, and have published articles all over the place...

Now, I have stopped seeing patients 1-1 so I can concentate on writing down what I've learned and create useful, practical resources for people like you. That's what you will find on this site.


I hope it helps.




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